• Residential Complex Brno-Hady

    Diploma Thesis, grade A with honors: The transformation of the periphery area Hady-Korea in Brno - alternative urban

    Brno, Czech Republic, 2013

    The diploma thesis deals with the transformation of the periphery area Hády-Korea in Brno into an alternative housing. The objective of the thesis was to create an urban-architectural design of the suburban area characterized by an upper-middle-class standard of the residential functions. Intended area is located in the middle of the greenery strip which passes through a large area of the city. This strip is surrounded by the important city districts – Malomerice, Lisen, Vinohrady and Zidenice. Urban concept is based on this knowledge and on two mutually perpendicular axis. First axis is the axis of the greenery strip and it passes through a city landmark - transmission tower Hady. Second axis indicates the direction of the development of the city districts. Area design is based on the transcription of the typical city block and its principles into a suburban character and scale. Important aspect of the design is a clear definition of the borders between public, semi-public and private spaces.