• Boutique Hotel Hershey

    Boutique Hotel Hershey

    Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, 2015

    The project was a repurposing of a 1960’s building in the heart of downtown Hershey. We looked to the architectural and industrial language of mid-century modernism as a jumping off point for a fresh and contemporary addition to downtown Hershey.

    Project architect: Chris Dawson Architect

  • Keystone Building Conversion

    Keystone Building - Residential Conversion

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, 2015

    Harristown’s residential conversion project known as F@TT (fifteen at twenty-two). Keystone Building is a historic commercial building that was built in 1875, as the State Printing Office. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

    Built: Currently in construction

    Project architect: Chris Dawson Architect

  • River Trail Visitor Center

    Northwest River Trail Visitor Center & Services Building

    Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2014

    Interior design services for the NW River Trail Services Building on the shore of the Susquehanna River and the base of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge. Columbia Borough’s Northwest River Trail Services Building was under construction in early 2014 when Chris Dawson Architect was contacted to redesign the interior of the building to make it more inviting, welcoming, and functional. The building will be a centerpiece of Riverfront Park and the Borough’s River District which is a recreational hub for the community. Our design concentrates the support functions (restrooms, warming kitchen/cafe, mechanical rooms, etc.) in the north pavilion thereby creating a multi-use flexible event space in the south pavilion to be used for educational programs, meetings, and receptions. The interior upgrades worked off the building shell with stone perimeter walls, extensive clerestory windows, and wood millwork while opening up views to the Susquehanna River beyond. Our changes made the building within the community’s most treasured resource more functional, allows the borough to generate revenue, and makes the structure visually lighter.

    Built: 2014

    Project architect: Chris Dawson Architect

  • Residential Complex Brno-Hady

    Diploma Thesis, grade A with honors: The transformation of the periphery area Hady-Korea in Brno - alternative urban

    Brno, Czech Republic, 2013

    The diploma thesis deals with the transformation of the periphery area Hády-Korea in Brno into an alternative housing. The objective of the thesis was to create an urban-architectural design of the suburban area characterized by an upper-middle-class standard of the residential functions. Intended area is located in the middle of the greenery strip which passes through a large area of the city. This strip is surrounded by the important city districts – Malomerice, Lisen, Vinohrady and Zidenice. Urban concept is based on this knowledge and on two mutually perpendicular axis. First axis is the axis of the greenery strip and it passes through a city landmark - transmission tower Hady. Second axis indicates the direction of the development of the city districts. Area design is based on the transcription of the typical city block and its principles into a suburban character and scale. Important aspect of the design is a clear definition of the borders between public, semi-public and private spaces.
  • House 44

    Bachelor Thesis, grade A: House 44

    Razova, Czech Republic, 2010

    House 44 – house for four – is located in the southern part of Razova village, Bruntal County. Objective of the thesis was to create a minimalist family house for a family of four that met modern living needs and requirements. The house is designed as a single-storey house, without basement, and with a flat roof. Appearance of the house is different from the other local houses but it retains typical local rectangular form longitudinally oriented to the street. Design of the house is fully based on the dispositional solution, which is placed maximum emphasis on simplicity, clarity, and interconnection between exterior and interior.
  • Wine Bar with Bowling

    Velka Polom, Czech Republic, 2012

    Wine bar with bowling in the historic stronghold. More information coming soon.
  • Former Coal Mine Conversion

    Conversion of the former coal mine Petr Bezruc into a sports center

    Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2011

    More information coming soon.

  • Urban Study of Ostrava

    Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2011

    More information coming soon.
  • Gymnastics Center

    Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2011

    Objective of the project was to design a sports facility with gymnastics training center and multifunctional hall for the events with a capacity of 1500 - 2000 spectators. Architectural form is affected by local urban structure. It is an imaginery "bolt" which connects three different local urban structures. In addition, form follows axial composition of the entire sports complex. Floorplans were designed to provide maximal variability. Multifunctional hall can operate independently of the training center. Furthermore, designed tunnel allows athletes to use multifunctional hall as a warm-up area for the adjacent stadium.
  • Historic Stronghold Renewal

    Velka Polom, Czech Republic, 2011

    More information coming soon.
  • Workshop with Eva Jiricna

    Conceptual design of the electrically self-sufficient bus stop

    Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2011

    Architectural workshop under the supervision of London-based architect Eva Jiricna CBE RA. Topic: "Waiting".
  • Alfa Romeo Showroom

    Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2010

    More information coming soon.
  • Church in Klimkovice

    Research of the truss of Holy Trinity Church in Klimkovice

    Klimkovice, Czech Republic, 2013

    3D reconstruction and animation of building process of the truss. More information coming soon.
  • Church in Staric

    Research of the Gothic Fragments of Finding of Holy Cross Church in Staric

    Staric, Czech Republic, 2012

    3D reconstruction and animation of selected fragments of the Gothic vault. More information coming soon.